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Day length, sunrise and sunset calculator

Example: Queen Street, Ashford, uk


To calculate the day length, sunrise or sunset, you have to click on the map on the corresponding position or enter the desired address in the address-field. With the configuration menu can be any date selected. The determination of the time difference because of daylight saving time occurs not automatically. For this reason you have to enter the daylight saving time manually to an accurate calculation of sunrise and sunset. The determination of the length of day is independent of daylight saving time and can be neglected for analysis.

If the calculation is successful, a marker and two red lines are displayed on the interactive map.

  • The marker indicates the currently selected position.
  • The two lines show the coordinates of sunrise and sunset.
The east line runs from the selected position to the appropriate geographical location, behind which the sun will rise. The westernmost line stretching from the selected position to the geographical point at which the sun will go behind.

For the calculation of sunrise, sunset and day length, the height, the timezone and the surrounding topography are considered.