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Day length calculation

You can select a specific date to calculate it's day length at a given earth position. The position can be selected on an interactive map or by typing your exact adress. Are the coordinates and the date specified, the calculation of day length will start.

Sunrise and sunset

With topographic analysis of the given location, it becomes possible to predict the exact sunrise and sunset position. That means, you can see on the map, where and when the sun will rise or set.

Solar irradiation

This service is not implemented yet. You'll get exact information about the sun position (zenith and azimuth angle). It will comming soon...

Welcome to Solartopo.com

Solartopo is a private project, which will provide following free services:
For the calculations the corresponding time zones are taken into account in order to enable a service around the world. Based on the specific time, the exact sun position at a given daten is calculated. The algorithm considers the refraction of light and the actual height of the observer. In combination with the individual panorama of the observer, accurately predictions can be made for the future (up to the year 6000!).

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